Engage with your app users

Send relevant & personalized messages to your app users at the right moment based on their behavior and context.

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push notifications

Send personalized push messages

Reach out to your app users through push messages to deliver useful information when and where they want it. This allows marketers to communicate with their audience on a personal level.

user segments

Capture and react to user behavior

Your app functions as a sensor that captures the interests and the behavior of your app users. Based on their behavior and status in the app's customer lifecycle your users are divided into segments.


Location targeting

Target users based on their location to increase relevance. Define locations (this can be geo-fences or iBeacons) that trigger an interaction such as sending a coupon when somebody enters one of your shops.

mobile marketing campaigns

Build mobile marketing campaigns

CMO's love TapTarget because it allows them to easily build mobile marketing campaigns in a visual manner based on time, behavior, location and user context.

A word from our clients

"TapTarget is a great tool which allows us to identify & reach hot prospects with the right marketing message at the right moment. For us, this has led to an increase in test drives and lead conversions."
kia mobile marketing Bart Nijns Kia Motors Communication Manager

How does it work?

Capture, segment, engage!

capture user data


Your app captures the activity, interests and context of each user.

user segments


Users are divided into segments based on interests, behavior and context.

send push notifications


Engage your audience with relevant messages or content that boosts revenue and customer loyalty.

Over mobile interactions captured.


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