Engage with your app users.

Turn app installs into loyal app users with mobile marketing automation.

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Focus on app retention and engagement.

Our platform allows you to unlock the full potential of your mobile app. We help you to turn an app install into a loyal app user.

Send personalized push messages

Deliver relevant & personalized push messages that drive engagement and convert app users into leads.

App User Segmentation

Segment users based on in-app behavior to communicate on a personal level.


Get an in-depth overview on user behavior and key metrics to see how your campaigns are performing.

Powerful integrations

Unite online & mobile marketing campaigns. We live in harmony with HubSpot, Marketo & Eloqua.

Everything you need to kickstart your mobile marketing efforts.

Our feature-packed solution allows you to easily reach app users based on in-app behavior, activity metrics, location and other context data. Turn each app install into a valuable long-lasting relationship. Start moving the needle today.

Plugs into your existing marketing technology solution.

Unite your online and mobile marketing campaigns. We live in harmony with HubSpot, Marketo & Eloqua so you can manage your online & mobile marketing efforts from one place.

Centralize your online and mobile marketing efforts

Wouldn't it be great to finally be able to reach out to your website visitors and app users from one central place?

Follow leads accross your marketing channels

Because of our deep integration with other marketing technology solutions you can now finally follow leads from your website to your app and vice versa.

Send push notifications from your marketing platform

Now you can reach out to your app users with personalized push notifications. All this managed from within the marketing technology solution of your choice.

Add location and context to your campaigns

Make your campaigns hyperrelevant by enriching your user profiles with location and context data.

A word from our clients

"TapTarget is a great tool which allows us to identify & reach hot prospects with the right marketing message at the right moment. For us, this has led to an increase in test drives and lead conversions."
kia mobile marketing Bart Nijns Kia Motors Communication Manager

How does it work?

Capture, segment, engage!

capture user data


Your app captures the activity, interests and context of each user.

user segments


Users are divided into segments based on interests, behavior and context.

send push notifications


Engage your audience with relevant messages or content that boosts revenue and customer loyalty.

Works with any mobile app.

Use your existing mobile app or create a new app with TapTarget.

TapTarget works with any existing mobile app (iOS, Android, HTML5, Xamarin...). Don't have a mobile app yet ? Easily build a mobile app around your company, brand or corporate event. Use your mobile app to capture leads on e.g. your corporate events and reach them with targeted mobile marketing campaigns.